How It All Started…

After months of non-stop planning and development, we are delighted to introduce you to our magical and inviting social site where every single title is free to play!
Black Mountain Games is constantly being updated with enhancements and new titles recommended through feedback by existing players. To stand out from the competition, we highly encourage our players to be vocal on their opinions about Black Mountain Games so we can pinpoint what can be improved to appease them and appeal to future visitors.

Our goal

Our goal is simple: to provide gamers with the best experience on a single platform that’s eye-catching and easy to navigate. Our team consists of experts with a combined experience that spans over 50+ years from building and running successful online gaming sites. To ensure that everyone who lands on our website has a worthwhile time, we have vetted dozens of different titles and chosen only those that offer compelling gameplay, exciting sound effects, and jaw-dropping features.
But ultimately, we want our site to grow and become the must-visit online gaming destination.